Catherine's Children's Home is just 40 miles south of San Diego; Alex Kwoka's passionate caring for children reflects SDDBR Club's core values. 
SDDBR Provides Approx. $5,000 to Baja Orphanage Over the Holidays
Alex Kwoka and her dedicated team of holiday elves (Carol Jensen, Ron Schoenmehl, Jeramy Larson, Mary Engles, Bob Semner, Ron Reinsch, and Frank De Francesco) spurred our club to raise almost $5,000 for orphan children in Baja with 100% of the donation going to the children. 
This is an annual project that brings much-needed resources to children in Mexico.
Alex partnered with the director of Catherine's Kids - Children Home, Jan Platovsky, and former SDDB Rotarian Karen Cebreros to provide shoes, presents, and a holiday fiesta for the children.
This is the second time that our club has partnered with Karen who is now an active member of La Luz Rotary Club in Baja. Karen also heads up Via International, a microloan program for women in Baja, who kindly agreed to be the organizers and hosts of the party.  
While in the past, SDDBR Club members have been able to attend the fiesta, the pandemic will prevent our club from attending the fiesta this year.