SDDBR Club Holiday Party 2021 Was A Winter Wonderland!
SDDBR Club Melissa Chapman hosted the club to a winter wonderland at her stunning Rancho Santa Fe home with unlimited views, spectacular holiday decor, and warm friendship. 
Kimberly Hunt, Cheri Choy, Will Alverson, and Larry Potter Deck the Halls! 
President Ann-Marie Bryan and Melissa Chapman are ready to great the guests! 
President Ann-Marie Bryan and Hostess Extrondinaire Melissa Chapman are ready to greet the guests! 
Melissa welcome Bjorn and Pauline to the party! 
Ron Schoenmehl, Roe, Karen Bucey, and Matt Moreland : "It's time to head up to the party!"
The gangs all here!
Past-President Kim, President-Elect Martha and George are ready to dive into the delicious feast. 
Howard Wayne and his beautiful spouse admire the appetizers. Matt Moreland digs in! 
These desserts - amazing!!!
Gary and Frimmel Smith, who have hosted plenty of wonderful soirees themselves, arrive at the party.