Club Member Rich Rechif Shared VIP Access to His Rooftop Office with a Sunset Happy Hour

Social Chair Rich Rechif hosted our SDDBR Club Monthly Happy Hour at his Balboa Asset Management rooftop offices and deck. Beer, wine, snacks, and a gorgeous sunset made the event a perfect way to end the day. Everyone kept taking in vistas from all four sides of the rooftop - it was a wonderful way to see the glory of our San Diego downtown region. We were treated to a view of our meeting home, the University Club at Symphony Towers, the remodeling of Horton Plaza, and various historic buildings. Rich is a third-generation real estate investment manager and so was able to provide much historical background about the porticos and other architectural features of the buildings around us. Thank you Rich! 
Judy Gallegos toasts the evening with SDDBR Club spouses Frimmel Smith and Ann Burton.Scott Carr, Kim Stewart, Linda Jalving, Mel and Judy Gallegos, and Roxanne Helstrom catch up on the latest downtown happenings.
San Diego Downtown Breakfast Club Members' family and friends pose with the view. 
Everyone had a great time!
Scott served as our official doorman at the beginning of the evening - making sure everyone found their way to the top floor. Thank you Scott!
Rich Rechif and Ann-Marie Bryan take in the 360 ° view from the "Fish Bowl." 
Mel, Judy, Mary Engles and her wonderful spouse, Ed, relax in the offices of Balboa Asset Management 
Ken Bryan, a SDDBR Club spouse who never misses the social events,  welcomes newest member Bill McCarthy to all the fun. 
We all took in the view of Symphony Towers and marveled about how lucky we are to be members of the SDDBR Club: "The Club with a View and a Vision."