Members enjoyed refreshments and each others’ company at a social event at Chapman Collections. We also became far more knowledgeable about Persian rugs, thanks to club member Melissa Chapman, host of the event, owner of Chapman Collections and expert in the intricacies of these glorious hand-produced carpets.
Ron Reinsch, Bjorn Endreson, Gary Smith and Carly Reinsch enjoy wine and appetizers amount the amazing antiques.  //////  Bob Brewer and Judge Irma Gonzales share a welcome with our gracious hostess, Melissa Chapman. 
Presidents Bonanza! Past-president Lynn Hamilton, Past-president Judy Bambace & current president Martha Page pose for a picture. //////Past-president Ann-Marie welcomes new member Kevin McElroy to his first SDDBR Club Happy Hour. 
Past-president and current Assistant District Gov. Kim Stewart, Karen Bucey, and Cheri Choy are having fun.  ///// New member David Nokes and his wonderful wife Marie pose with Larry and Sharon Bay. 
Melissa provided wonderful training on Persian rugs.///// Melissa, Rick, Bobbi and Cheri were amazed by all the gorgeous furniture pieces. 
Pauline and Carol pose for the camera.   //// An art expert also educated these curious Rotarians. 
Thank you Melissa!