11, 000 Rotarians from around the globe met in Houston for the Rotary International Convention 2022. San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Members, Ron Schoenmehl, Matt Moreland, Karen Bucey, Kim Stewart, Mel Gallegos, and Judy Gallegos were there for all of it! 
Mel and Judy Gallegos celebrate attending their 17th Convention!

Ron Schoenmehl, who is also the Houston Convention Team Leader and Treasurer for the Rotary LGBT + Fellowship organized and supported the LGBT+ Fellowship Booth at the Convention.
Rotary International showed its support for this LGBT+ Fellowship (that was officially recognized in 2018), by having the Pride flag displayed proudly on stage at the Houston Convention. 
SDDRB Club members gathered for seafood and drinks the night before the Convention started. Ron Schoenmehl and Karen Bucey kept us organized.
Indian Nobel peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi gave a call to action to Rotarians to keep hard at work to fight child trafficking, child slavery, and violence against children. 
Members of Ukrainian Rotary Clubs were given a sustained and passionate standing ovation! Rotary Clubs around the world, including our SDDBR Club, have made significant financial contributions to support refugees from war-torn Ukraine.