Speaker Date Topic
Milo Shapiro, The Improv Guy Jan 27, 2021
We've Got to Fail to Succeed-The Improv Mindset
Colleen Toomey, Colorado State University Feb 03, 2021
Equity vs Equality
Robert Weldon, Gemological Institute of America Feb 10, 2021
The Cheapside Hoard
Danielle DeVoy Feb 17, 2021
It Really Is Rocket Science ("the latest")
Tracy Murphy, IQHQ Feb 24, 2021
Downtown Research and Development District Update
Rotary Pathways to Peace Winner-TBD Mar 03, 2021
Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander, Pulmonologist at UCSD Mar 24, 2021
E Cigarettes; What We Need to Know.
High School Super Stars Apr 14, 2021
4 Way Speech Contest