2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Tom Fitch
Past President
Bobbi Spinner-Flack
Club Secretary
Recording Secretary
Mary Dawe
Rich Rechif
Larry Potter
Club Service Chair
Mary Engles
  - Club Service Vice - Chair
  - Club Service Vice - Chair
Kelly Perry
Bill Young
  - Club Service Vice - Chair Bill Keith
Community Service Chair
  - Community Service Vice-Chair
Lynn Hamilton
John Highkin
    - Sub-Committee for the Homeless Co-Chair Bob Semmer
    - Sub-Committee for the Homeless Co-Chair Gillian Semmer
International Service Chair
Gary Smith
  - International Service Vice - Chair
Mike Lewis
Membership Chair
Judy Bambace
  - Membership Vice - Chair
Sharon Bay
  - Membership Vice - Chair Susan Kreitzer
The Rotary Foundation
Marianne Ericsson
Vocational Services Chair
Karen Green
  - Vocational Services Vice - Chair Roxane Helstrom
Youth Service Chair
Brian Matter
  - Youth Service Vice - Chair
Gary McElroy
Military Service Chair
  - Military Service Vice - Chair
Paul Sullivan
Jeff Jones
Pathways to Peace - Chair Sandra Schrift
  - Pathways to Peace Vice - Chair
George Shipp
Programs - Co Chair Irma Gonzalez
Programs - Co Chair Bob Brewer
Youth Protection Officer Gary McElroy
Social Chair Kim Stewart
Club Historian Tom Sayer